Sunday, July 22, 2012


"When you have only two pennies in the world,

buy a loaf of bread with one,

and a lily with the other.    --Chinese proverb

This little sweetie is Cosmic Hummingbird, one of my favorite daylilies. It's small, delicate -- I bought it a few years ago in honor of a good friend who lives on a street named Cosmic Lane.

I love mid-July; the daylily garden is bursting! Tall ones, short ones, ones inbetween -- the colors are superb and the names are irresistible!

Consider: Devil's Footprint, Magic Carpet Ride, Prince of Midnight; Paper Butterfly, Hot Ticket, Farmer's Daughter, Gentle Shepherd.

Some sound like old friends: Monica Marie, Alec Allen, Betty Warren Woods, Barbara Mitchell. Others are towns or cities: Atlanta Fringe Benefit, Lights of Detroit, Jerusalem, Chicago Sunrise.

I've just read about a yellow-gold daylily I think I'll buy for this year's addition to my gardens.

It's called, believe it or not, Delores Gould.

We must be related.


  1. I name my plants after the friends who gave them to me. My Deb's Poppies were gorgeous this year!

  2. I'm sorry we didn't get to see your daylilies last month. It sounds beautiful. Maybe next year.